Chechersk Historical and Ethnographic Museum

The museum was founded on 31 October 1989. It was opened in September 2004. The museum is located in a building of the historical and cultural value of the late 18th century - the City Hall. There are exhibition halls: «Archaeology», «Iconography», «Ethnography», «Chechersk in the Russian Empire», «Economic Development of the Area (the late 18th - early 20th centuries)», «the Memorial Hall of Earls Chernyshov», «the Echo of Chernobyl». The main fund is 18,563 (2012). The most significant collections are: «Numismatics», «Ethnography», «Painting», «Old-Printed Books». The unique items are the coil (the 13th century), early printed books (the 18th century), antiques (the 19th century), the silver spoon (the second half of the 18th century) so on.
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